Megafauna Studios is founded by Mathieu Kuhne and Becky Scheel to explore the intersection of digital art and conservation.

Mathieu Kuhne

Blockchain Consultant

Mathieu’s work in blockchain technology goes beyond investments, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs; he seeks to understand and search for potential innovative applications. He knows that blockchain technology will revolutionize services, business systems, and the financial sector by implementing smart contracts and automated markets. Mathieu believes this technology will lead to an honest, equitable, and egalitarian future.

He has a passion for wildlife and the natural world and welcomes any chance to help with conservation efforts.

Becky Scheel


Becky focuses on design in complex, dynamic, and unfamiliar environments with emerging technology. Her past work incorporated elephant and orangutan “users,” and through these projects, she was able to foster new experiences despite sizable barriers such as communication, physical space, and the ever present threat of urination (which did happen). With more than a decade working as a designer at a zoo and an education in design and digital media, she hopes that her work supports improving the lives of humans and animals.

Academic Publications

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